Fungicide Application

Applying Fungicide is a practice that has come on strong in the past few years in corn and soybean production. This year we had the opportunity to work with Kvols Ag of Laurel, NE and they brought in their STS16 Hagie. It is a high clearance machine with a 132 foot boom span and a 1600 gallon tank. This machine is specially designed to allow give us the features and clearance necessary to spray fully grown corn at heights often exceeding 10 feet. It is giving us the ability to apply at much larger volume of product to the crop at 17 gallons per acre versus the airplane method which previously limited us to 2-4 gallons per acre. Effective coverage is crucial with fungicide so we are excited to see how this new method will pan out this fall!

Click on the coverage video link to see ear leaf coverage.


coverage video

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