Harvest 2015 complete November 10th

This years harvest was fast and furious with only two rain events all fall. It was nice to get the crops out in a timely manner and also have some time to get some tillage work done this year. As we reflect on this season it will go down in our memory as one of the most favorable growing seasons in recent history. Very little ground got too wet until very late in the year and moisture proved to not be a limiting factor in most cases. This year we were challenged with late season stalk rot and early death of corn plants as well as mold and disease in some bean fields. All in all crops were good this year. Our next task is getting all of our harvest equipment serviced, clean up, and put away for the year. We plan to review harvest data and see what we can learn now that we have time to do a deeper dive. We are already starting to make 2016 input decisions as well. Through the winter months trucking grain and putting plans in place for next growing season will be the primary tasks. Another season in the books and another reason to be thankful that we were blessed with good crops the safety of everyone on our farm.

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