Harvest is in full swing!

photo 4As we approach the end of October harvest is progressing very well. We were challenged by wet conditions, tough stemmed beans, and high moisture levels early, but we look to finish the bean harvest on or near the 22nd of October. We feel fortunate to have had very few break downs and to have gotten nearly all of the bean crop out safely. The crew has been putting in very long hours to take advantage of the very narrow window to get the beans harvested and looks forward to moving on and changing over in to corn.

Looking forward to corn harvest we anticipate seeing some elevated moisture levels in the grain under certain circumstances because of the type of year we have had but are happy to see the warm dry days that we have had lately to help with the corn dry down process. While most of our soybeans were hauled directly to Cargill processing in Sioux City corn will be the opposite. We look to store the vast majority of the corn crop in bins. We have also updated our media gallery with a few photos taken from this harvest! Please check back throughout the harvest season to see the latest updates and media pertaining to our farm.┬áLandlords, be sure to access your login page using the landlords and farm managers tab on the home page after harvest to check on your farm’s performance!

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