Jackson Express


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[haccordion title=”Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)”]
jackson-express01DEF is a relatively new concept in the diesel world and has already made its way into the market in new semi-trucks as well as some lines of agricultural equipment and diesel pickups. It is only a matter of time until all new diesel engines are using the product. John Deere plans to release its first round of equipment to use DEF in 2014.
Jackson Express has several convenient solutions to help meet the needs of its surrounding customers. With a DEF pump on site in the diesel truck islands, trucks, pickups, and farm equipment passing by can fill up right on sire. Figures A-D show our bulk DEF solutions.
Jackson Express offers 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, and 330 gallon totes. These containers can use several different pumping and metering systems for convenient shop or on-farm use and handling. Several specials are being offered including discounts on pumps, meters, and other handling equipment to get your farm or business set up. Deliver and pickup of bulk containers is also available.
Call Jackson Express and talk to Taylor Nelson to get your operation ready for DEF, 402-632-4949.

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With #2 Diesel and #1 Diesel, Jackson Express is a great stop for trucks in the area all year around. With super fast 65 gallons per minute pumps, easy direct access to US Hwy 20, plenty of room for truck parking, and a full selection of food and refreshments for the drivers, it truly is convenient.
We are also offering a free coffee or fountain drink with the purchase of 50 gallons of diesel or more! We accept a full selection of fleet cards, have 24 hour credit card pumps, and offer house charge accounts as well. Call or stop in to inquire about a new account.[/haccordion]




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How can people have a lower cost per mile driven on gas and do it burning a locally grown and produced fuel source?

Its easy! Buy your gas at Jackson Express! It could save you hundreds of dollars in just one years time and supports local agriculture, local ethanol, and helps reduce our usage of foreign oil.
For flex fuel vehicles try E85 or E30 and for all other vehicles try super unleaded and start saving![/haccordion]
jacksonexpress1Jackson Express is owned and operated by Doug and Lisa Nelson and Taylor Nelson and Emily Haselhorst. At Jackson Express we strive to run the business and hire people that align with our core values, our company mission and vision.

At Jackson Express our company mission is “Fueling Our Community”. We work very hard every day to make that the central focus behind how we do business and we work to show it by wowing customers with a cleanly and friendly experience.

Jackson Express is a community based business that serves as a hub for many people coming and going in our busy community.

  • We strive to create local jobs by hiring local people.
  • We facilitate weekly coffee hours in the winter months for people of the community.
  • We are a member of PACC (Ponca Area Community Club)
  • We support the Jackson smokeout and community picnic to benefit the town.
  • We have created our own student readership program in conjunction with the 2nd grade students from Ponca Public School and reward their efforts with free pizzas for reading their reading goals.
  • We host a summer biker day event called the Big Dam River Run where all proceeds got to benefit the Madonna School for Exceptional Children.
  • We support local school fundraisers and drives, local events such as Whitetails Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited, local parish breakfasts, and much more!

Jackson Express is very proud of the community it’s a part of and looks to give back and take part in as many ways as possible.

jacksonexpress2If you have an event, benefit, fundraiser, or other community related event that you would like Jackson Express to consider taking part in please reach out to us through the contact us tab or click here!

Jackson Express is a state of the art convenience store and truck stop facility. It offers many great amenities such as:

  • Ethanol Blender Pumps
  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline
  • #1 and #2 Diesel Fuel
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) retail pump and bulk
  • Free Air
  • Large paved lot with plenty of room for car, truck, and RV parking
  • Large seating area with free WiFi
  • Full food service including Hot Stuff Pizza and Subs, Fried Chicken, GR8 BBQ, Sunkist Donuts, fresh fruit and other healthy alternatives
  • A very large drink selection and soda fountain
  • Beer cave, liquor, and wine selection
  • Essential groceries
  • Candy and snacks
  • A friendly and helpful staff

Jackson Express also offers charge accounts for businesses looking to be able to charge gas, fuel, or DEF. If this interests you please contact the store at (402) 632-4949.