Residue Management and Preparing the Seed Bed

As we finished up with harvest this fall the process of preparing for next begins right away. Throughout the fall while combining and after combining has finished up we are working to prepare the seed bed for next year using a variety of tools. This year we are excited to add the Degelman Pro-Till 33. In the past working heavy corn stalks was a daunting task that often times took multiple passes with a tandem disk and maybe even a finish pass with a vertical tillage tool. With the addition of the pro-till we have gained the ability to utilize high speed (10mph+) in combination with aggressive disk placement and a rolling packer to bury the residue, level fields, accelerate breakdown, and put us well on our way to an optimum seed bed for the following spring. Another critical factor is being able to do this at a depth of about 3-4 inches which is allowing us to not totally disturb the soil profile and tear out corn root balls but still get soil on top of the trash even in the most heavy residue conditions. We hope to use this tool to efficiently manage residue leaving minimal final prep work in the spring to achieve the optimum seed bed for uniform emergence.


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