Spring 2015

Spring is here and with that means a whole new crop year to take what we’ve learned and continue to improve. 2014 gave us a big challenge with the all-time wettest crop year in history for our area. It also taught us a lot. It has taught us that managing fertility in our soils is a major challenge with all of the variability in soil and environmental stresses that we see in a year. This year we will be working to enhance our practices in several ways to mitigate these challenges.

This year we have implemented a full soil testing program to help control and measure fertility levels on all of our farms. We will be using seeding prescriptions on all of our corn acres to maximize efficiency and have the best placement of seed. We are looking to better manage our nitrogen and water use through the use of Encirca services. This will allow us to split apply nitrogen and forecast our nitrogen and water needs on a field by field basis. Lastly, we will be conducting a multitude of research trials including variety, hybrid, fertility, seed treatment, and foliar application trials.

As we look to start planting we hope to see soil temperatures at or above 50 degrees with a warmer extended forecast. This gives us good conditions for germination and emergence leading to strong stands. We will be right behind the planter with the sprayer applying our initial nitrogen and herbicides. Be sure to check out our media tab throughout the season for pictures and videos!

Folding planters out to check over

Folding planters out to check over

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