What We Do


At Nelson Farms we have a passion for farming and for doing a quality job while being on the cutting edge of advances in agriculture. We currently run an operation that uses a variety of practices.

Whether it be irrigated or dryland, tilled or no-tilled, corn or soybeans our motivation and drive in farming comes in 3 basic principles.

Those are Enhance, Engage, and Excel.


The definition of Enhance is to intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of something. That is our number one and basic purpose in farming.

We look to operate in ways that enhance both the land we are farming and our operation as a whole. A farmer only gets around 40 attempts to grow a crop in their lifetime and we pride ourselves on finding ways we can do it just a little bit better each year.

  • what-we-do-image1We perform soil analysis and fertilize accordingly to optimize yield potential efficiently on our acres.
  • We work to place the best hybrids and the appropriate acres and create seeding prescriptions to effectively control the seeding rates that we place that seed in the field.
  • We strive to have strong agronomic skills that allow us to make timely applications of fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, pesticides, irrigation and other operations that are required to be done timely and accurately.
  • We use precision farming technology such as auto track, swath control, wireless data transfer, remote irrigation control, prescription seeding, and many other cutting edge practices.

Throughout the summer maintaining clean field boundaries and mowed road ditches is another way we work to show pride in what we do.

Our goal is to do our absolute best to enhance our farm in ways that promote operational excellence, sound business decisions, leading agronomics and production, and strong family values.


Moving forward one of the areas that we hope to improve on and hopefully set ourselves apart is communication. This can be within our own operation as well as communication with landlords or farm managers.

The purpose of creating this site is to create an open communication channel that allows us to keep people involved in our operation openly informed about what is going on within our operation as well as their farms specifically.

  • what-we-do-image1Direct access to the data we use to make day to day and year to year decisions is now available to allow you to become a part of what we do and be fully informed.
  • Access to boundary maps, application summaries, planting maps, harvest yield maps, and pictures and written updates about the progress being made on your farm are now a part of what we do.

We hope that this provides landlords with the confidence and reassurance that they want and deserve when searching for a good tenant.


what-we-do-image1Engage is not just something we hope to do with a landlord but also with our local community and the needs surrounding it. Nelson Farms looks for opportunities get involved the area through sponsorship, community service and volunteering, and local church activities. We are proud to be a part of the community we live in and make it our goal to take part and be active.

If you have a cause you are looking to gather support in the local community for please click here to get in touch with us!

Our ultimate goal is to excel as farmers, family members, and community members. Each year we look for little ways that we can improve in each of those areas to help improve the operation as a whole.

We are working toward the future of farming where communication will be imperative as ever, working relationships will be a must, technology and efficiency will be the source of growth, and hard work and innovation will continue to be rewarded.

Join us as we work to create a sustainable agriculture for generations to come!